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August 12, 2013

Another sweet family session at the Happiest Place On Earth! Click on!


Have I ever mentioned that I like Disneyland?  No?  :)

One of the coolest jobs I have as a lifestyle family photographer is being able to capture real-life moments as they happen.  I certainly have an appreciation for posed family pictures, and they will always have their importance, but I’ve learned that the images that have always meant the most to me were the ones of great moments between me and my wife or those between family members.  I may be completely wrong here, but I think this is why we like dog and baby videos on Youtube, because these are real moments that really happened, and most of the time they are fun!

One of the advantages (and blessings) I have to living in Southern California, is that Melissa and I are able to travel to Disneyland quite often -usually to enjoy the place- but we’re also available as Disneyland family photographers to those families who may be traveling from out of state or out of the country even!  When heading to Disneyland, people sometimes realize that they need to hire someone to capture some real moments with them and their loved ones (even photographers realize this!), instead of taking the pictures themselves.  This gives people some more freedom to just have a great time in a truly wonderful place!  To some extent, this is why Disneyland invented the “Photopass” system.  If you’re not familiar with the system, basically you buy a prepaid package of pictures of your family taken at pre-determined locations throughout the park, along with a collection of stock images of Disneyland (or the Disney Park you’re visiting at the time).  All you have to do is look around for the cast member who looks like a photographer with a tripod and a vest (and a hat), you’ll know them when you see them.  I think this is a great idea for families who would love to get some family portraits in front of the traditional landmarks of the park.

What I like to offer is something a little more special for those families looking for an “upgrade” of sorts.  I like to spend some time with the family, and capture the real moments as they happen.  This way families have pictures of them that capture more of their personalities and what makes them unique, not just pictures of the same smiles in front of the landmarks they saw.  I will always do my best to capture traditional “portraits” in front of the main landmarks (you HAVE to have these!), but I also like to give families something special and hopefully more emotional.  So that when they look back on the images, and even others see their moments, they can remember how happy their time was, and not just of the sights they saw.  This is Disneyland!  The HAPPIEST Place on Earth!

When Courtney approached me about doing some family photos at our favorite place, of course I jumped at the chance!  Courtney is one of the lucky few who made it on to this years’ Disney Parks Moms Panel to answer questions people from everywhere have about visiting the amazing Disney Parks around the world.  What a cool job!  I may have to submit and application!  :)

I had so much fun with the Bautista’s on this SUNNY day in July.  Thank you for letting me hang out with you! … and I may or may not be stealing Mason’s outfit for myself.

May 31, 2013

Disneyland. Carousel. Proposal. Exciting! Beautiful. This time, an ACTUAL ENGAGEMENT! :)

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What an experience this was!  At work last week, Tivon pulled Melissa aside and said, “I’ve been dying to tell SOMEONE!”

He pulled out the ring box, opened it and said, “I’m going to propose to Brandi this weekend!  Is there ANY way you guys can make it down?”

Well, lets see… Disneyland, engage…. of forget the reasons!  Of course we’ll be there!!  “We’ll find a way!”  Melissa told him excitedly, after catching her breath.

So here we have it, two amazing people who have chosen to spend their lives together… AND they’re planning an amazing wedding in a special place, but I won’t share that here just yet.  We’ll probably do an official engagement session soon with these two, but wow!  What an emotionally exciting day this was!!

Tivon told us as we were getting on the Carousel that he was going to do it, Melissa and I both experienced small heart stoppages.  We were excited and nervous for him, and didn’t want to spoil it with our excitement.  We tested our best poker faces.  Apparently it worked, because Brandi had no idea!  If you look at the third picture down, you’ll notice Tivon pulling the box out of his Chewbacca backpack, then “counting down” with his fingers behind his back (I only got “two” sadly).  After he opens the ring box to Brandi, she didn’t notice at first.

I love the last picture.. I was walking behind them, and Tivon just raised his arm winningly.

Thank you Tivon and Brandi for letting us be apart of this special moment in your lives, it was definitely special to us.  We are honored.

March 31, 2013

Oh my word.. Too much cuteness! Turning 2 in The Happiest Place on Earth!


What a fun day!  Once you glance through the pictures, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I’ve known Jeff for a few years now, as we used to work together in TV.  I may not be there anymore, but Jeff is still producing greatness!

Speaking of greatness!!  What a great day this was!  Melissa and I were honored to be asked to shoot some family photos in Disneyland.  If anyone reading this knows us, the answer to this question was “Um, Yes!”  The Lenk’s were celebrating Madeline’s 2nd birthday, and we were lucky to tag along.

For some time now, I’ve been curious how I would end up shooting a family session inside Disneyland.  My predominant style of shooting is a “lifestyle” approach, and hoped that I could give the them (or anyone else) something they could cherish for many years.  When we go to Disneyland we see cameras everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  With this session, I really wanted to try to produce images that were taken in familiar places, but maybe in a way people haven’t seen before.  I was really anxious for the challenge of shooting this sweet family at our favorite hangout!

I hope anyone finding this page will enjoy the pictures, because they make me happy too!  I think what I enjoy most about them, is seeing that sweet bond between brother and sister in these.  I love the honesty kids show and live.

Thanks Madeline for letting us be a part of your day, and life!!