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April 7, 2013

Soo many smiles! These two were like two kids in, well… Disneyland!

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Melissa and I have loved our recent photo sessions in Disneyland.  I always get a little nervous before an engagement session though.  As a photographer, the engagement session is your first opportunity to actually *work* together with your clients after your first interactions and meeting.  It’s kind of like a second date.. and when the first [date] goes so well.. the bar is set high!  Especially when that second date is Disneyland!

Well, only 5 minutes into us meeting in California Adventure, I knew I had nothing to worry about with these two.  What fun they were to shoot!  We hit it off immediately and we hit the ground running, literally!  We were running against the sun, as it didn’t want to hang around long.  Eventually a bank of clouds rolled in right before sunset, but we did find some great locations to take advantage of the sun as it peeked through.

These two had so much fun, and Daniel really knows how to bring out the joy in Serena, as you can see in this set.  We were all laughing and having a blast together.  Thank you Daniel and Serena for the fun time, and we are ecstatic about your Bakersfield wedding in October!