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April 6, 2014
|  filed under: Disneyland, Family Portraits

It’s so fun to meet people at Disneyland.  People come from everywhere!  It’s like Disneyland is popular around the world or something!  This wonderful family is from Colorado, and I had the privilege of meeting them and hanging out with them for most of one of their days during their vacation!  

When mom Stefanie contacted me about possibly meeting her family in Disneyland… The answer was… yes of course!  Melissa was really jealous that she couldn’t come with me this particular day, especially when she saw the pictures.  “Cute kids!!” She exclaimed.  Yep.  I have a great job!

Thank you Greens for letting me hang out with you during your vacation.  I hope I didn’t monopolize your time!  I really had a blast with you guys.