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September 12, 2013
|  filed under: Videography, Weddings

Well, this was a BIG wedding and was A LOT of fun!

I was asked to do something a little different for this wedding… video!  Even though most of my adult professional life (well, pretty much all of it), has been dedicated to video work.. when it came to weddings, photography was really where I focused.  One of the main reasons I moved back to Bakersfield in 2006 was to start a wedding video business.  As life would have it, that didn’t happen!  I decided to professionally photograph weddings instead.  This little video was sort of an experiment.  Beyond being an experiment, [the wedding] was an EXPERIENCE.  This was the biggest wedding Melissa and I have attended, and wow, was it amazing!  The DJ Bino Bates was hands down, the best wedding DJ we’ve experienced!


Wedding Ceremony and Reception DJ
Bino Bates (Bino’s Entertainment/Let The Music Play)
Wedding Photography:
Ashley dePoncier Photography