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January 16, 2013
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Melissa and I are blessed to work for an organization in town that actually lives up to it’s motto(s).  There are several mottos and titles actually, but probably the most important, all-inclusive title for Covenant Community Services is “HQ of Hope.”  We get to see this come true everyday with the former foster youth who walk through the doors, who have little hope to succeed in life, but with the help of the “Transitional Housing Program,” they are able to find real help, guidance and hope for their lives.

Without saying more about the program I wanted to share a truly special day that Melissa and I were lucky to be a part of.  One of the success stories from Covenant, David Anderson and his [now wife] Veronica were able to have a small wedding on 12-12-12 at the Mill Creek Linear Park in Downtown Bakersfield, CA.  They still plan on having their big wedding next year, but how cool to have that date as your anniversary?

Early in the afternoon, I said to David, “So, this is a big day for you?” (Profound, I know.)

“Yeah, I never thought I’d be getting married…”  David responded with a gentle smile.  “It’s a good day.”

The overcast skies didn’t even matter to anyone in attendance.

Here are a few pictures from the day and at the bottom, I’ve posted David’s story that I edited a few months ago.  Considering his story, I’d agree with him…

12-12-12 was a good day.